Friday, December 19, 2008


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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goddess Majinka

Here is a pic of my painting *Majinka - Goddess of the Rose and Gardens*. I am studying Holistic Art and recently completed a Holistic Councilling diploma which has introduced me to all kinds of spiritually based art. I am loving the exploring, experimenting and discovery of how I can express my feelings, desires and nature through art, collage and mixed media. Majinka is an acrylic on canvas but I plan to reduce her to a 6"X 8"card as part of a collage for my Soul Deck. Will post the result here. Smiles, love and light Jan

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My jewels

Emerald (Emmy for short on left) and Ruby - my beautiful girls. Three months old at time(now 4 1/2), they are Springer spaniel/cocker spaniel cross. They have THE most gorgeous green eyes and are just a joy. Did you know Springer spaniels are called that BECAUSE they spring??? I didn't! lol


Welcome to my blog, a long time comng, but I made it! Being such a creative person with such diverse interests, I confuse myself at times. Currently I paint, design and teach art, am making art dolls, just discovered Zen doodles and am studying for a diploma in Holistic councilling and art therapy. My beautiful 28 yo daughter just got engaged so am also designing the invitations for her and playing mother to my two 4 1/2 month old cocker spaniel/springer spaniel cross puppies. Busy, you might say? LOL, well yes, but I like being busy......and now I have somewhere to share all my interests, so keep coming back! In the meantime, enjoy my first Zen doodle which I have named "Musical Musïngs" (click for larger image and right click to save for your personal use) or visit my website

hugz Jan