Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swan Lake

I learned ballet when I was young and dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Sadly I had to give it up at around 13, but still love ballet. So elegant and romantic and yet takes such discipline. So I painted this one for a local art competition in acrylic and pastel.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sketching on the Right Side of the Brain

I have been taking part in a sketching group recently and reacquainted myself with the method of sketching from the book *Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain* by Betty Edwards. While Betty has written a whole book, essentially and quite simply this method involves drawing UPSIDE DOWN! No, silly! not YOU!! (Visual of everybody standing on their heads and attempting to draw here! LOL LOL). Simply by turning the subject matter upside down and sketching it from that perspective produces amazing results!

It is based on the theory (for those of you with inquiring minds) that the left side of the brain is the *smarty pants* who *knows* what a chair, a nose or an apple looks like and bosses you around when you place marks on the page that don't match it's stored version (which does not allow for such things as foreshortening or the odd shapes that perspective or shadows produce).  It's also this very precise side of the brain that keeps time and is good at lists!

However when the left brain cannot easily recognize or label a subject, the right (or creative) side of the brain kicks in and just sees the shapes and angles without trying to turn them into *something*. So, by working upside down and simply seeing those shapes and angles and repeating them, we produce a strange *map* which sometimes makes little sense until we turn it right way up. VOILA!!! Suddenly those ugly shapes become perfect shadows on a face or landscape. It's (almost) magic!

Of course it does have it's limitations as we can't turn a fresh vase of flowers upside down to sketch it, BUT we can take a photo and work from that, and over time, one develops the ability to be able to switch that pesky left brain off and work in right brain mode without the need for upside down subjects.

So I challenge you to draw something upside down TODAY and post the link here for us to see. Go on, surprise yourself!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

FREE e-book especially for all you ARTISTS!!

Recently, while reading comments made regarding some of my free video classes, especially the How to Make and Use you own Alcohol Ink, the word FRUGAL kept coming up. I must admit I was a little surprised, because my intention in making my own ink was not actually to save money, so much as have easy access to a product not readily available to me. I actually ENJOY finding ways to duplicate products, methods or techniques I see around me and often get much more pleasure from working out the HOW TOs, rather than just going and buying it. Call me crazy, but I just love finding the answers to the *what if* questions!

So anyway, it occurred to me that I have collected or invented a whole bunch of money saving ideas relating to art, craft and general creativity over the years and decided to put them all into one place in the form of an e-book THE ESSENTIAL ART BOOK FOR THE FRUGAL ARTIST or How you can be an artist and still EAT! This book contains 11 pages of helpful, creative and money saving tips for just about everyone who creates, paints or crafts with tips ranging from organizing a studio or saving your favourite brush from certain death right up to making your own glitter mist.
There are even links to those free videos I mentioned at the start on how to make your own alcohol ink.

To get the book, simply click HERE Please SHARE this with your friends

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm so excited to tell you that Connie over at DirtyFootprintsStudio is interviewing a group of art journelers over on her blog and has asked us to all share our own stories. You can see the rest of the interviews HERE, and my interview is below. Enjoy!

Ummmm..... about 2 1/2 years I would say as it became part of my creative routine while studying for a Holistic Art Therapy diploma

Well it is a totally new and very FREE way of expressing my creativity with NO RULES. It allows me to write what I want, paint or draw what I want and then cover it up and start again if I wish. Splash paint, stamp, scribble, doodle, experiment without the restriction of needing to repeat, explain or justify it as art. It is just for me unless I choose to share and it helps me process feelings and situations.

Love, love LOVE gesso!! A little used material up until I started to journal, I now use it to base coat, cover up, stamp on, stencil to create texture, write or scratch into, etc, etc, etc........ Also love my watercolour crayons, copic markers and white gel pen!

PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!! Take the pressure off yourself to create art and just experiment and practice going with your intuition. The more you do it, the more reliable it becomes and you end up with something better than you ever could have planned or imagined. TRUST yourself!

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