Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Attended a most AWESOME workshop on the weekend (called Bloom True) with the wonderfully talented Ms Flora Bowley! Flora, who hails from Oregon USA is currently in Australia holding workshops to teach her uniquely *Flora* intuitive art technique. I can't believe this lady has only been teaching since September last year. She is just a totally natural and wonderful teacher, as well as an amazing artist. An incredible and rare combination which left me feeling amazing gratitude for the experience and TOTALLY INSPIRED. I want to paint like Flora! LOL I laugh because I have so heard that statement over the years from my own students and know it's IMPOSSIBLE and not even desirable to be a Flora (or anyone's) clone.... {{{Giggle}}}

So,  did I come close on the weekend? Well......NO...... . I did not capture her colorful abstract, simplified shapes and graphic style nor her windows of yumminess that so enchant me, but I certainly did tap into my own intuitive style of painting.  I WAS able to learn and use a whole toolbox full of new techniques and am very happy with what I produced. However I am still going to try and absorb a little more of Flora and continue to practice her technique of simplifying chaos (as she describes it). I am NOT all that good at simple, nor at letting go - which is another of her key elements. She is incredibly good at letting go of any or all elements of her paintings at any stage by simply painting over them. Non attachment to what is, in order to gain something even better than what was. A great philosophy on life too, don't you think?

This is the piece I finished (we worked on two). It's LARGE - 30" X 30" and was a challenge for me after not painting at an easel for 6 months since that shoulder thing. I will share the next one when it's finished - NOT looking good at the moment but promise I will take progressive pics anyway!

Flora's piece in the painting stage (above) and finished at right.

Thanks Flora! Thanks girls! It was an amazing and enjoyable weekend that I would repeat in a heartbeat. Stay posted for more of my Bloom True adventures, but in the interim, hope you enjoy some of my pics from the weekend