Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grandma LOVE

Did I tell you that I'm a grandma again? Yes, my beautful daughter has presented me with another TWO grandbabies, making three gorgeous boys under 18 months! Ashton Mathew 7lb 6oz (right) and Jasper Christian 5lb 13oz arrived just over 6 weeks ago, so what else to do but paint their portraits? I decided my newest love - pastels would be just the thing to use for them and I'm pleased to say, it worked out well. I was happy and daughter loved it! I guess I may have to do another to ensure they both have one....LOL and also one for big brother Oliver.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Some of my recent artwork in the gallery at a newly opened local healing center.

The Journey

Another large 30 X 30 inch intuitive painting. This one had a very large heart which I tried and tried to hold on to but the composition just wasn't working. So, it had to go and VOILA, the whole painting came together then. Ha! Will I ever not be surprised by that? To me the heart energy is still there anyway, just not visible.  Unfortunately there is a bit of flare from the varnish as I forget to photograph before finishing.