Happy New Year everyone - yes OK I am a month behind! LOL Busy start to the year and lots of creative things happening. I have started my Art Therapy Diploma with my first day last Monday. Looking forward to lots of fun, learning and personal growth. Finished my daughter invitations and she was pleased (phewwwww!!!) Pic here. Three layers tied with raffia. I printed the top layer on my color laser printer including background hearts design (my own).

Painted a submission for a convention here in Oz later in the year and will post pic once it is public. Multi media piece which was a lot of fun...... Which leads me to my latest art experiment which is transferring digital art from my printer/s to canvas. I am very excited about being allow to do this and use completed works as parts of new ones. So I am playing with different methods and have found that the one I describe below is the best result so far. For those without laser printers, I imagine a color photocopy would work well too.

1 Print out laser copy

2 Coat receiving surface with gel (I use Matisse but I am sure Golden would be good, (if not better)

3 Place copy on receiving surface (gessoed canvas forme) and burnish well with heat tool. I use a tiny *iron* designed for quilting but useful for this and encaustic wax art too.

4 Once you feel it is stuck, take nail polish remover and rub onto back of copy. It will turn paper transparent. Burnish with fav tool and then carefully peel back.

5 Remove any paper adhered with water and finger roll method. May need to do this twice with a rest to let it dry again inbetween.

Result below- pretty pleased...

love and light



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