Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WHO KNEW??????

I have just found out about subscribing to RSS feeds. say- behind the times!!. Well, sometimes it takes a while for me to catch up, LOL but I LOVE this discovery. For those who DON'T know, it's a way to keep up with all your favourite blogs and newsgroups in ONE place. I have a lot of lovely places I like to visit for inspiration, ideas and just cause they make me happy but I often forget, lose track or just simply don't have the time to click on each page and check what's new. So this solves that problem for me. Yahhhh! I simply went to Google Reader and signed up, then visited my favourite blogs and clicked on the subscribe link to add them to my Reader page (sometimes it's a text link and other times an orange logo thingie). Now I simply visit that ONE page and all new posts are collected there for me to read at leisure. And if I forget to visit, it is of no matter- I can catch up on a whole week at once if I want. Happiness, happiness! LOL

Want to add this blog? Scroll to bottom of page and click on SUBSCRIBE TO POST link. Then choose Google. It's that simple! Have fun........ Digg It! Stumble Tweet It! Facebook

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