fold it FLOWERS

In the process of preparing pages for the aforementioned online class, I made some COOL paper flowers based on some files made by the talented Ms Penny. There is definitely a trick in folding these little beauties and I didn't have enough fingers to begin with! However I kept on going and with a little help from the video here the penny (Ha, ha- no pun intended!) finally dropped! It really is quite easy, once you know how. Isn't that always the trick though? I didn't end up using the flowers this time, but know they will end up on something special soon. Thanks again Penny.


  1. Hey Jan..They turned out GREAT ma'am!!!!! Love the layering of them!!!!

  2. Oh Jan....THANK YOU SO MUCH for your very sweet comment on my blog...ALSO Thanks for the AWESOME tip on the refilling of the Blick markers!!!! I'm gonna give it a try!!!!! I hope you're having a very blessed day!!!! BTW....You are a VERY beautiful lady!!!!!!


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