More bang for your BUCK

Thanks Bev for reminding me of this very *Aussie* expression which is just perfect for this post. I told you I was going to use crops from my last painting to produce more artwork and so I have. Here are two miniature pieces I have just completed in the ACEO/ATC acceptable size format of 2.5 X 3.5 inches. Both are Butterfly Goddesses with BLING! LOL The single butterfly is silver foiled and the multi butterflies are 3D barely kissing the surface, both with diamonds (real of course! LOL - not!). i will be selling these beauties on Etsy


  1. he he i get your post on my google reader so i saw this first thing and love what u are doing Jan just gorgeous ....

    big hugzs

  2. oh meant to say i dont use facebook ...bev


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