Try before you BUY

I always want everyone to be happy with anything they purchase from me whether they be goods or classes. I have had the unhappy experience of signing up for classes online that have disappointed and it's a tricky deal I have to admit. So, I have decided to offer a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY *taster* class for my ARTBOOK/Journal 101 class which gives you a very good idea of the quality and content of the rest of the class. No guesswork! Simply visit my website here, click on FREEBIES and scroll down to the free class. Enjoy and I hope to see you in the full class!


  1. Jan.. You're wonderful! I do have to agree with you on the classes. I've been disappointed a few times myself with online classes. So, now I hesitate. Thank you for offering the "peek".

  2. Oh thanks hon, glad you enjoyed and I love your work too!


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