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Since becoming a grandmother 7 months ago, I seem to be drawn to birds. Particularly baby birds so have been painting, collaging and even making 3D birdies. I am also much more aware of recycling in my studio for a couple of reasons. Firstly - ROOM! LOL I love collecting and hunting for new treasures and supplies in the thrift shops, stores and markets, etc. however the thrill of the hunt is addictive and I now have far more than I can use stored away in drawers, boxes, bins, shelves and now the floor!! Secondly I am even more aware of the drain of resources on our planet and want my grandson and any potential brothers and sisters to have the best possible planet of the future. So this little birdie is almost 100% recycled - made from security envelopes, rescued stuffing, wire and vintage wallpaper and trim, along with a few scraps from my art table. He is in my ETSY shop at the moment. What do you think?


  1. I love birds and I adore your little birdie! Very sweet!!!


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