Well it's indeed Happy New Year for me, as after over 3 months of pain and rehab, I am finally able to paint again. Yahhhhhh!!!! Still have a ways to go with physio twice a week for a while yet, BUT I have enough movement and strength to do some art, so I'm happy, happy, happy.......

This is a piece I did today called *Feather in My Cap* and is my vision for 2011 piece. Painted and collaged from pieces of original artwork of mine with art journal techniques used to pull it all together. 

And the original b/w sketch at right is how the girl started out before I added color/paint to her


  1. Oh My GOODNESS!!!!! What a GORGEOUS GORGEOUS creation!!!!! Such beauty!!! Thank goodness you're able to create again!!! WOW....I also wanted to THANK YOU for your BEAUTIFUL message!!! It means way more then you'll EVER know!!!!

  2. WOOOOOW!!!!!!! That is soooo YOU!!! ... and so lovely.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you like the piece and thanks for dropping by. Penny, just keep being YOU....

  4. I see of course, that I am not the first to have my socks wowed off of me from this painting. Oh my gosh Jan - I am in Pam's free class from Strathmore and just ran across your painting and it stopped me dead in my tracks, OK it stopped my mouse dead in her tracks - I just took in a deep deep breath. This piece is honestly one of the most stunning I have ever seen! Oh, and I am very glad you are on the mend! Keep up the great work my friend!

  5. You are too kind Beth, THANK YOU and I do hope you enjoy both mine and the Strathmore art journal classes. Hugz Jan


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