Still Life

I have never been very interested in painting still life. It is, after all ........STILL and  ummmmm.....boring?? LOL. However have recently been encouraged in a group I attend to expand my mind, drawing and painting skills by starting with a still life setup and working though the whole process to a finished painting. To my surprise I found it very satisfying and even fun! This is the result of my first ever effort at this exercise which I am actually pretty pleased with. Nice surprise and good reason to try something at least once! Now encouraged to do more......

How do you feel about still life? Have you ever worked from your own setup to a finished painting? Did you enjoy it or decided it wasn't for you?


  1. Hi Jan,
    Hope all is well with you!
    Oh that's funny. I pretty much feel the same about still life that you did.
    I have painted other artists designs on still life but never set up my own.

    So glad you enjoyed it and what a great piece you've painted. OK, there's hope for me yet. lol
    Creative hugs,

  2. Thanks Anna, and maybe you should try it - at least once anyway. You might find you like it too!


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