Come play with me

Wanna come play with me in 2012?? I'm going to be doing a post every week of the year on art journaling with a new background, technique, idea or prompt. (Yeah I KNOW! LOLS, however for me, next year is all about committment). So it's going to be perhaps a step by step, maybe a video, maybe a link or two to something cool. A learning experience and adventure in mixed media. I have set up a separate blog for it here. Would be appreciated if you could spread the word. The more the merrier and the code for the 52 PlayDATES button is at right.


  1. sounds like fun to me. 2012 here we come.

  2. Hi hope I signesd up right, my blog showed up instead of my name. Maybe so. Thanks and will be fun I think. xoxoxo Have a merry Christmas. xo

  3. Hi Jan,
    Sounds like a great plan! Looking forward to joining in on 52 Play dates.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
    Creative hugs,

  4. Welcome guys. It will be fun! Annette, I changed it for you so it just shows your name but still links to your blog. Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. I really loved going through your blog. Your art work is wonderful, Thanks!


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