Chalk Paint!

Wow, chalk paint! Where has this been all my life???? Last weekend I took a chalk painting workshop and OMG, this stuff is amazing. So what, I hear you asking, is so amazing about it? Well being a fairly spontaneous and "instant results" type of person, this stuff is just made for me. It requires little, if any, prep to provide the most fabulous opaque coverage in one or two coats.

I was able to repaint this rather aweful yellow/orange pine drawer cabinet in 2 coats WITHOUT ANY STRIPPING, SANDING OR OTHER PREP. Yahhh!!! I decided in the morning to revamp and 1 1/2 hours later I had a brand new piece of furniture, fresh and modern. WOW!

The drawers are decoupaged with hand printed gelli printed papers colour matched to the charcoal paint and with touches of turquoise. Much better in real life! I am THRILLED and plan to move onto revamping bedside tables to match my own bedroom now. 

I even MADE MY OWN CHALK PAINT as I didn't want to travel for hours to purchase and my local paint store had very limited colours. I purchased the white chalk paint ($42/750 ml) and decided to experiment by making the charcoal colour. Very easy - 1 part Plaster of Paris dissolved in equal part of hot water. Stir to dissolve and add to 3 parts desired colour of latex paint. I was lucky enough to pick up the charcoal paint in the "mismatch" bin at the hardware store for $10 too. I noticed NO difference between the commerical and homemade paint, so I think I will be making my own in any colour I need from now on. So much cheaper.

If you want more info on chalk paint, use Mr Google or Pinterest to learn more than you ever wanted to know. LOLS You do need to finish with either wax or varnish. I choose to finished the top of the cabinet with varnish for a tougher surface and the rest with wax.

I am now looking at ALL my furniture with new eyes. LOLS Look out!


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