Coffee table and TV console reborn....

I decided after my sofa revamp that the rest of the furniture in my living room could also do with some attention and decided to test a technique I had seen mentioned on Pinterest. Using chalk paint as a base coat and then painting a faux wood finish. Again NO PREP. NO SANDING. Just my kind of project! LOLS

Firstly my coffee table needed an update as it was stained, scratched and generally dull. Totally DELIGHTED with the result but didn't take any progress pics. Keep reading though......

I decided then to attack my TV console and this time I did take a couple of progress shots. Firstly I chalk painted with a neutral coffee cream colour (as shown at right). It is more creamy yellow than pic shows.

Next I used an old and worn stiff bristle brush to "paint" some wood grain with diluted Burnt Sienna acrylic paint. I could have used a wood grain tool here too but I couldn't find mine and I think the brush gives a more random, natural look anyway. I used water to dilute but glaze would give more working time.

I then washed the whole thing over with a VERY diluted mix of blue/grey (Paynes Grey and White) which knocked back the orangey tone to a more "blonde" look.

Finally I added little washes of Yellow Ochre and Dark Chocolate here and there to give some variation and "pop".

It then needed two coats of clear water based varnish to protect and it was done!

How FAB does it look now! Matching coffee table in the foreground.


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