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So I promised you a little about Public Domain, didn't I? As an artist, this is something you really NEED to know about - trust me! If you need to, Google the subject to find out all the finer details, however basically, Public Domain is material where the copyright has expired and is now the domain of guessed it! - the PUBLIC. So how does that help us artists? Well, if you do altered art of any kind and use ephemera, it's a virtual goldmine. Images and interesting text abound in the form of old paintings, old books, postcards, photographs, etc, etc. Just check out Etsy to see how popular these types of images are. There are even some instances where modern media can be Public Domain (NASA photos for example).

So, if you are into Vintage or Retro, all you need do is find, copy and use (like I did here). That simple! If your taste is more contemporary, there is still a wonderland of information and reference material, out there for free, which can be adapted to modern day tastes. If you didn't catch it, take a look at my previous post to see what I mean.

So here is a list of some places I have found to get you started. Some of these use Creative Commons license which is a variation of PD, where you need to credit the source. Please check these details for yourself before using. Also, please be a Share Bear and leave any links YOU find in the comments section.

So much to talk about on this subject, so more coming. Be sure to follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter (#jan_fox) or mailing list so you don't miss out!


  1. Hi Jan,
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    I'll be sure to pass it on to students, next time I'm lecturing about Copyright.
    Creative hugs,


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